In addition to performing, Patrick is sought after for piano and organ lessons as well as music theory tutoring. He has taught numerous students of all ages, and of all levels. Both online and on-site lessons are available (for an additional fee). For more information regarding scheduling lessons, fees, etc…, please use the “Contact” tab and click on “Booking Info” to send an inquiry.

Student Testimonials:

“As a theory teacher, Patrick Kreeger possesses the the exact teaching style the subject requires. Patience, availability for questions and dedication to my desire to learn best define my experience with Patrick. It was such dedication that also made him call me out when he didn’t think I was doing my best or was making careless mistakes. Perhaps this wouldn’t be that outstanding except that Patrick did all of this and more long distance; he in Philadelphia and I in Delaware. He was timely in mailing me assignments and tests, and even more so in grading and returning them. I learned more from him in the 2 years I studied with him than I did in my last year of theory in my undergrad at music school. If you have the opportunity to study with Patrick Kreeger, consider yourself lucky. You couldn’t find better quality teaching elsewhere.” – Katherine

“In August, 2012, under Patrick’s guidance, I returned to piano study after a hiatus of 10 years. With infinite patience and great sense of humor, Patrick helped me rebuild my technique, expand my repetoire and regain my confidence as a pianist. As an educator myself, I can attest to the fact that Patrick has an excellent understanding of adult learners and their particular needs. I recommend him highly!”- Karen

One thought on “Lessons

  1. Professor Patrick Kreeger is a genius. My son Joel Tiotuico is playing organ and is Patrick’s student since 2015, recomended by Professor Paul Jacobs.
    His expectations are very high and my son learned so much from him.
    Joel is still his student who gets ready for entering Juilliard or Curtis Philadelphia. He is very kind, polite and a loving teacher but strict and serious. As a Dr.in Music and Foreign Languages I will highly reccomand Professor Kreeger to teach in any famous University and to every student in the world who takes music seriously.
    Kreeger is also a concert pianist, organist who I believe soon, he will win Grammy Awards.
    A special thank you to him to challenge my son in many ways.

    Ich möchte Profesor Docent Patrick Kreeger empfehlen jeden Schueller was die Musick richtig ernst nehmt. Mein Sohn studiert mit den begabten Profesor und spielt die Orgel und das Klawier. Ich möchte auch was dazu sagen als die Mutter von Joel oder JB und auch als Musick und Fremdsprache Dozentin das mein Sohn hoch zufrieden ist mit den Unterricht. Dozent Patrick Kreeger unterrichtet in der Juilliard Schulle in NY und wird ganz bestuemmt zu Grammy nominierung gewehlt.

    Sono molto contenta con il Profesore dal mio filio Patrick Kreeger che insegna li studenti veramente benissimo. Io sono la madre di Joel Tiotuico et anche sono una docenta di musica e lingue stragneri.Cosi io raccomando il Profesore Patrick Kreeger che e cosi di giovano e talentato per insegnare tutti li studenti che sono seriosi per studiare il piano forte et la orga di chiesa.
    Grazie mille et so che una volta lui ventera per avere grammys. Et molto bravissimo.

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